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Designed for Clients

SiteGIDGET uses a drag and drop system to enable on-page and inline editing of existing page elements, as well as the insertion of new elements. Users can move or resize elements and change their text or style formatting directly on the page, with the SiteGIDGET online website builder system hiding the technical details.

The entire set of interface controls runs directly in the browser on any Mac, PC or Linux computer, with no installation or other software of any kind.

Designed for SEO

SiteGIDGET automatically builds webpages with all display information offloaded onto a separate, external style sheet. This results in pages that load faster and have the highest possible saturation of your keywords in your webpage content, resulting in higher search engine ranking. What's more, with the SiteGIDGET online website builder, you have direct and inline access to each element's style information -- such as background and border color -- which means you can do more with fewer elements on your built page.

Designed for You

The SiteGIDGET online website builder system includes:

  • Standards-based, XHTML-compliant and CSS-driven website pages.
  • Visual sitemap with drag and drop controls to quickly create hierarchical page relationships.
  • Multiple users with unique logins, with up to 5 different levels of access.
  • FTP connectivity for remotely hosted sites.

Designed for the Future

The face of the Web has changed greatly since the first set of online website builders were released. What used to be the core requirement of a webpage builder -- design -- is now not enough by half. Site owners demand search engine relevancy, speed and ease of use, while Site designers demand the application of web standards such as CSS and semantic and valid markup. SiteGIDGET delivers on all counts, making it the first online website builder that empowers not only the website proprietor but also the website designer.

Not convinced?

Take a look at the source code of this page to see for yourself. Better yet, click on the button at the top and take it for a test drive on this very page.

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